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Journal Kit x Self-treat Package (Birthday Exclusive)

Journal Kit x Self-treat Package (Birthday Exclusive)

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This Journal Kit is curated by the owner as birthday treat to everyone who’s been supporting her shop since day 1.

Package includes:

  • Noted Slim Grid Notebook
  • 1 thin notebook with special paper perfect for memory keeping (may vary from standard TN or b6 size)
  • Noted washi tape (designs may vary)
  • Gel pen
  • Exclusive vegan journal pouch (color: random from my personal favorites)
  • 2 sets of premium washi tape samples from different brands
  • Journaling papers & ephemeras pack (more than 30 pcs)
  • Noted Self-care sticker sheet
  • Surprise sticker from @craftsdelight
  • Mini notebook keychain
  • Cord clip organizer
  • Self-treat package: sweets when you need energy, coffee when you feel sleepy, new normal essentials because safety is always the priority, socks when you get cold etc.
  • If you are sending this as a gift, please indicate in the notes section.
  • Not all items will be the same as exhibited in the photo. Some designs may vary except from the Slim Notebook (there were few items not included in the photo)