Taupe - Basic

Taupe - Basic

  • ₱ 280.00 PHP

Note: The price that appears on the preview is the cheapest rate & this is a default on the website feature. Prices vary depending on the type of paper you choose.

TN cover is made of premium vegan leather


It comes with an elastic closure (elastic color:black)

Inside cover has 4 elastic bands going through the leather holes

It can hold up to 4 inserts



2 sleeves inside (See 2nd photo for reference) 

the color of the sleeves are the same with the outside cover



Micro/Nano 3.5 X 4.5 inches + 1" spine

Passport (Midori) 13.5 X 11cm +1" spine

Pocket 15cm x 11cm + 1" spine

A6  12.25cm X 16.5 cm + 1" spine

Personal 12 cm X 18.8cm + 1" spine

Regular/Standard 21cm X 13cm + 1" spine


A5 18.5cm x 21cm +1"spine










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