How long do your make your made-to-order products?

  • We usually need 3-4 days lead time for production but if you order in bulk, we need 1-2 weeks depending on the # of items.

What’s the estimated date/time of arrival of my order?

  • When you placed your order on your cart, you have 2 banking days to settle your balance, then after sending us the proof of payment, give us another 2-3 days for production then next day it is already queued for shipping (no production & shipping on weekends)
  • If you are from Metro Manila, the courier we use is next day delivery but please give 1-2 days allowance just in case it encountered a problem in transit
  • If your address is provincial, (including Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan & other near Metro Manila provinces) shipping usually takes 2-3 days or even 5 days depending on the courier’s parcel traffic & peak seasons.

Can you rush an item?

  • Depends on your order and the other orders that we have on our plate by the time you inquire.

What courier do you use? Can I choose my own courier?

  • We use Zoom Courier (and sometimes, XEND) because it picks up on our HQ. Unfortunately we don’t allow you to choose your own courier. Zoom is partnered with LBC on provincial addresses, so if you want your parcels to be picked up on LBC branches; you can note that on your shipping address. Just make sure you still put the complete branch address (applicable on provincial addresses only).
  • For international shipping we use DHL or XEND (at your own risk). 


Can I cancel my order when I already checked out?

  • Unfortunately, No. We really don’t allow cancellation because once you place your order/ sent order form, we immediately prepare for the materials needed, i.e cutting the leather, queuing documents for printing. We appreciate if you give importance to our early efforts since we do really spend a lot of time for everything 

Can I change my order when I already checked out?

  • You can’t change your order but you can ADD if you want. Just message us and we’ll do the adjustments on your account.


What are your available mode of payments?

  • BPI/ BDO Bank Deposit only. We also accept online banking. Don't forget to send your proof of payment

Do you accept paypal?

  • Unfortunately, NO

Where can I find your bank details?

  • You can see it upon check out. Remember to take note of it!


Are all items on the website available for purchase?

  • Yes, except if you see a SOLD OUT sign. Everything is available and made-to-order

Do you have on-hand items?

  • We don't have on-hand items all the time but if we have one, it's usually posted on our instagram account so make sure to follow us there (@notedjournalph)

What are the colors available for the Traveler’s Notebook (TN) Cover?

  • You can see our collection on the COLLECTION TAB of our webstore. For vegan leather we have a variety of selection. You can search for the key word “Notedori TN Cover” or just select Notedori Traveler’s Notebook Cover on the collection tab to see all available colors. (These colors are applicable for accessories, TN Cover, Starter kits, Deluxe Series but not in Leather Series).

What are the colors available for the TN insert cover?

  • We only use one type of insert cover for now and that is Kraft/Craft cover.

Can I have prints on the TN insert cover?

  • Let us know what you want and we’ll see what we can do

Can I order a custom size for TN cover?

  • Yes, it’s usually on the notes when you check our collection but you need to provide us the exact dimensions on Centimeters and a sketch if you want an interior layout/additional pockets.

Can I order a custom size for TN inserts?

  • Yes but again you need to send us the exact dimensions on Centimeters.

Can I order a custom layout for TN inserts?

  • Yes but depends on the layout that you want. Usually we can accommodate layouts that are close to our layouts already. You also need to provide the sketch for the layout.

Do you have a package with TN cover and TN inserts already?

  • Yes! We have that. You can search for the “Starter Kits” collection

What are the sizes available for the TN cover and TN inserts?

  • Sizes are indicated on the description of the product.
  • Please note that our Passport size is Field Notes size, it’s quite taller than the Midori passport size but has the same width.
  • You can request for a Midori passport size, you just need to include it on the “notes” when you check out.

Do you have other colors available for the paper of the inserts?

  • We only have white paper for now. 100 GSM book paper, fountain pen friendly. No bleeding on pens except for permanent markers.

Can your inserts take watercolor?

  • Surprisingly, yes. We got a feedback from one of our clients. Our paper can take watercolor; just don’t put too much water on it. We also suggest you put a pencil board at the back of the paper where you plan to use watercolor.

What type of leather do you use on your TN Cover?

  • For our main collection, we use vegan leather.
  • We also have genuine leather available but in limited stocks.

Can I add more elastic on my TN Cover?

  • Yes, we offer add-ons. Just search "Elastic,"  it is on our Accessories Collection.
  • We only have one color for thick and thin- Black

How many inserts can your TN Cover accommodate?

  • For the Notedori TN Cover, it can accommodate up to 4 inserts (default elastics are 2)
  • For the Notedori Deluxe Cover, it can accommodate up to 8 inserts (default elastics are 6)
  • We can make more bulky TNs if you want! Just let us know :)

What is a Notedori Traveler’s Notebook in the first place?

  • You can check “About Notedori” tab and enjoy the visuals there!