Notedori Basic Journal Kit

Notedori Basic Journal Kit

  • ₱ 430.00 PHP

Note: The price that appears on the preview is the cheapest rate & this is a default on the website feature. Prices vary depending on the type of paper you choose.

Package includes Notedori Basic Cover + 2 inserts

TN cover is made of premium vegan leather


It comes with an elastic closure (elastic color:black)

Inside cover has 4 elastic bands going through the leather holes

It can hold up to 4 inserts


2 sleeves inside (See 2nd photo for reference) 

the color of the sleeves are the same with the outside cover

 TN Insert includes Dotted & Plain notebook in 100gsm paper



Micro/Nano 3.5 X 4.5 inches

Passport (Midori) 13.5 X 11cm 

Pocket 15cm x 11cm + 

A6  12.25cm X 16.5 cm 

Personal 12 cm X 18.8cm 

Regular/Standard 22cm X 13cm

B6 20cm X 15cm

A5 18.5cm x 22cm 









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