THE WHIMSICAL CAT (September Feature)

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SHOPEE: @whimsicalcatstudio

Surprise! Surprise! The Whimsical Cat recently released die cuts and of course they are still creating cute-good stuff a.k.a their Mochi sticker sheets.
They recently collaborated with out Noted August Box and their custom planner sticker set is really awesome. You can check it here.

This is my favorite sticker sheet! Yes we get too tired once in a while and sometimes, it's okay to admit it. I'll try to put this on my planner so I can track how often I get tired haha
Are you ready for your halloween spread?
Isn't these the cutest halloween themed stickers ever?
I don't get scared at all. They are just too adorable.
Do you usually attend costume parties during this season? I hope you will look like these die-cuts, still cute despite trying to be scary.
And these three really define my childhood! 
This shop really wins on "the best packaging"award. Look at that little envelope!
It always makes me happy whenever I receive one on my mail.
Check out more of their collection on their social media accounts located at the upper right of this blog.

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