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40% OFF until March 14,2020 use code ENJOY40
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Rainbow Papeterie is an Arts and Crafts shop based in Manila. 
They offer services such as logo and product sticker printing.
They also sell cute kawaii stickers, decorative and planner stickers.
See some of their adorable products below:
Best part of their online shop is that they sell a variety of decorative planner stickers.
Their designs vary from vintage, to kawaii to more artsy theme.
They also have the cheapest price. Small sheet is 10 php each and big sheet is 25php each.
You can also choose if you want it printed on matte or glossy type of sticker paper.
They also accept custom orders and collaborations for you to achieve your dream sticker and "sticker peace," if you know what I mean :)
Check out their online shop now!


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  • Faustino jose lopez on

    Verry cool and it can be used for business

  • Faustino jose lopez on

    Very nice art craft and very usefull

  • Ikay Baranda on

    Thank you so much for the feature!

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